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Message from our Superintendent


Melissa Baker

Melissa Baker


Judy Wiemer

Executive Assistant
248-573-8127, Ext. 2001


Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year.  I am excited to be starting this school year with all of you. 

This truly has been an amazing and busy summer as we completed additional Bond 2015 projects. Please let me take a moment to share just a few of the projects that were accomplished this summer.

  • HVAC systems at Millennium, Centennial, South Lyon High School, Brummer and Kent Lake
  • A new pool timing system for South Lyon High School
  • Additional security upgrades at our schools
  • Millennium Middle School elevator renovations
  • Fencing on various school grounds
  • Completion of a school store area at South Lyon High School

For a complete list of the building projects that were accomplished through our community’s support of Bond 2015 please go to our website at &Community/Bond Completion  Report.

I would like to share our sincere appreciation of the commitment by Granger Construction, Integrated Design Solutions, all the contracted workers and our own custodial, building engineers, technology and ground crews.  Through their hard work and our community’s commitment to South Lyon Community Schools, we truly have the best facilities in the state of Michigan. 

During the 2016-2017 school year, members of our school community helped to develop our district’s five year strategic plan.  The  established goals and action plan were then approved by the Board of Education.  The following are the approved goals:

Community & Communications

Every community member will be a connected, informed and valued participant in South Lyon Community Schools for the betterment of our students and the community at large.


South Lyon Community Schools will allocate resources to prioritize and support the diverse academic,  social-emotional, and health-related needs of all students as well as nurture community partnerships to enhance revenue and increase involvement in the district.

School Culture

South Lyon Community Schools will create and foster a culture where school community members are recognized, involved, and accepted, resulting in everyone realizing their value to the school community.


South Lyon Community Schools will maximize each student’s academic, creative, and social-emotional potential in an inclusive learning community, provide diverse academic paths, and inspire a passion for learning.

Work towards these five year goals has already begun, and updates were provided periodically to the Board, building level SIP teams, and our community.  Please go to our website at to see last year’s progress and for updates during the 2018-2019 school year.

This fall we are excited to implement our Junior Kindergarten program.  This program is designed as a bridge year for traditional kindergarten and does not replace a kindergarten year.  Students will attend Junior Kindergarten and then a full year of traditional kindergarten the following year.  Junior Kindergarten is a full day, 5 days a week program that includes instruction and experiences with all content areas, and a strong emphasis on the building blocks of literacy and social-emotional development. Due to the overwhelming response and interest, we are happy to begin this pilot year with a classroom at each of the following elementary buildings: Bartlett, Hardy, Kent Lake and Sayre.  We look forward to learning and growing with this new group of young students.

District leadership has also spent time this summer working on school safety. The District Administration meets regularly with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department and South Lyon Police Department, along 

with other key personnel to discuss school safety and other related areas. This committee which has been in place for over 10 years is known as the Safety Administrative Team. From this collaboration, the District will be training the staff in ALICE which is a response philosophy when there is an active intruder in one of our facilities. The two aforementioned departments along with the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department will be training our staff in the fall. ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. During the training, staff will learn how to respond strategically if put in an intruder situation.

The technology department at South Lyon Community Schools has supported our school safety work through the past Bond work by adding hundreds of cameras throughout our facilities. We continued to add additional cameras this summer. This summer they have also implemented the new phone technology called E911. This will allow first responders to identify the exact phone that makes a 911 call rather than the general building. The E911 upgrade will reduce the response time necessary if the need arises.

Our district has worked collaboratively with our local municipalities to add additional School Resource Officers at our secondary schools. We will have an Oakland County Deputy at each high school and will share one at the two middle schools. In addition, the District has added an Administrative Intern that will be shared by the middle schools. Please welcome them and include them as part of our school community.

To date we have hired 15 new teachers and 11 new support staff.   In addition to those new staff members we have also hired the following individuals as a part of our administrative team:

Dr. Michael Lloyd, Principal of the Early Childhood Center

Mrs. Susan Maurus, Principal of Sayre Elementary

Mr. Ross Baker, Administrative Intern for Centennial and Millennium Middle Schools

Mrs. Cherie Myers-Trent, Manager of Food Services

We are happy to welcome all of our new staff members to our South Lyon Community Schools family.

I look forward to this school year as we work together to continue to move our exemplary district forward.  I am committed to our mission and will ensure that South Lyon Community Schools continues to provide the highest quality educational process, so that all students can excel as individuals, and become productive and contributing members of society.  Thank you to our staff and community for your continued support.  Together we make our school community great!