The CITA Services Department provides the leadership necessary to promote a results-driven, continuous improvement approach to teaching and learning.  The scope of CITA responsibilities include pre-K through high school learning with a focus on providing well-articulated and coherent programs and services to students.

 It is the responsibility of CITA to provide quality programs consisting of curriculum, instruction, instructional technology, and assessments aligned with the standards adopted by the State of Michigan School Board.  To guide continuous improvement, a six-year plan is in place which encompasses K-12 subjects.  This plan provides an on-going process for upgrading the curriculum, identifying and providing necessary staff development, integrating aligned technology, and developing and implementing district-wide assessments.  Through quality programs and services, CITA supports the district mission to provide the highest quality educational process so that all students can excel as individuals and become contributing members of society.

The administration and facilitators of the CITA Services Department consist of:

  • Lisa Kudwa,  Assistant Superintendent for CITA Services 
  • Dayna Britton, Curriculum Coordinator -  (Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Health, World Languages, Music, ESL Programs)
  • Kelley Engblom, Curriculum Coordinator - (English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Art, Federal and State Grant Programs)
  • Barbara Heininger, Assessment Facilitator - (National, State and Local Assessments and Assessment Data Systems)
To send an email, select one of the names above. To speak with someone in the CITA Service Department, call us at 248-573-8111.

Curriculum & Instruction