Kent Lake Elementary

Kent Lake Elementary is the setting where all members of the learning community are dedicated to ensuring that students experience high achievement and opportunities for social, emotional and academic growth. Students attending Kent Lake are assigned to the building based on residence within the geographic attendance boundaries of the school, as well as the district’s School of Choice Program.

Kent Lake Elementary is a K-5 building located two miles north of the City of South Lyon in the southwest corner of Oakland County. Oakland County is located north of Detroit, Michigan. This growing county is rich in culture, resources, quality living opportunities and the home of many major industries. Kent Lake is in close proximity to highly respected colleges and universities. The building is a short drive from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti and Washtenaw Community College, also located in Ypsilanti

Cultures of Thinking

What is Cultures of Thinking?

Kent Lake is a community where thinking is valued, which opens the door to powerful learning experiences and greater student engagement.  Our students are encouraged daily to develop deeper levels of understanding within this thinking culture.

The goal of Cultures of Thinking is to create a new learning community in which students utilize key thinking strategies such as:

Personal Reflection



Using Prior Knowledge



Building Explanations

Organizing Knowledge



Reasoning with Evidence


This learning is based on the research from the text, Making Thinking Visible, written by Ron Ritchhart.

What is Growth Mindset?

At Kent Lake we encourage our students to develop a Growth Mindset.  We can either have a Fixed Mindset where we let failure (or even success) define who we are, or a Growth Mindset where we see setbacks as opportunities to grow and improve. (Dweck, 2007)

The suggestions below provide a way for you to encourage your child to develop a Growth Mindset.

Encourage your child to make the switch…

Now, consider making the switch yourself



Great job!

  • You did it on your own!
  • That took you a long time and you did it!

Nice work!

  • Tell me more about _____.
  • How did you do that?
  • You must be so proud of yourself!

How was your day?

  • What did you learn that was hard today?
  • What mistake did you make that you learned from?

When your child says…

Say this…

This is too hard for me.

  • You kept going even though it was hard!
  • You did _____ and then ____ and worked it out!
  • You did ___, what will you do now?

I just can’t do this.

  • Pretend you can.  We can always train our brains.

I’m never going to be smart in _____.

  • We can always improve our (math) brain with practice.
  • Give yourself time to learn this.

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Full days-8:15 to 3:18

Half days-8:15 to 11:09 


      Lunch Times

        1st Grade:       11:00-11:45

            3rd  Grade:      11:10-11:55

            2nd Grade:       11:30-12:15

            4th Grade:       11:50-12:35

            Kindergarten: 12:15-1:00

            5th Grade:        12:30-1:15