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HS Robotics Continue to Perform

Tuesday, August 20th. At the Advanced Manufacturing Expo in the Suburban Showplace Hall, Novi, The Flying Toasters put on quite a show.  The HS robotics program supported two teams, two robots, Team 3641 The Flying Toasters, and Team 9991, The Toasty Fliers, competing with 22 other FIRST teams in an exposition competition to show the advanced manufacturing exhibitors and attendees what high schools can accomplish, and in turn, the students got a chance to network and see what the advanced manufacturing community is all about. 
After 4 qualification matches, The Flying Toasters ranked 2nd, while the Toasty Fliers was in 14th.  But in elimination matches, the tables were turned as the Flying Toasters were knocked out early but the Toasty Fliers went with their alliance to become the finalists of the event. The Toasty Fliers were an all girls team. 
The Washtenaw Event. The High School Robotic Team were very successful on August 3rd, when they competed at the 1st Annual FAMNM (First Alumni at U of M) event at Ypsilanti.  The Washtenaw Event was a complete success for the 24 students attending as two teams, two robots competed. Students rotated through the competition team roles as they rose through the rankings.  Everyone had a great time and our program received a judges award to show for it!
Sponsorship. In a very welcomed announcement, the Department of Defense, DoD STEM, presented the HS team with a $2500 grant to pay the 2020 Season entry fee to FIRST Robotics.  Moreover, they will support us in our costs to attend World Championships in April when we qualify!
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