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HS Robotics Team 3641, the Flying Toasters perform well at their first post season event!

The newly formed 2019-2020 team, less than three weeks old participated in the first post season competition over the weekend at Monroe  High School. 

In a first for the Flying Toasters, they provided two robots to compete with 22 other teams coming as far away as Wisconsin. Dubbed Team A and Team B, they were quickly rebrands by the venue to be Team 3641 The Flying Toasters, and Team 9991 The Canibalistic Toasters (if you ever look really closely to the logo, one peice of toast takes a bit out of the other as it is running/being chased away...9991 number was assigned as the computer system could not handle two 3641 numbers at the same time). 
With 14 qualification matches to place the seed order for playoffs, it looked at first that Team 9991 was going the distance as it held in 2nd to 3rd place, while Team 3641 was hovering around 10th. But by the end of the qualifying matches , 3641 was a solid 3rd and 9991 fell to 16th in ranking. 
Post season events are key to student achievement as they provide a great opportunity for students to experience the competition without the stress of worrying if they will qualify for States or Worlds as in regulation play. Therefore, we swap out drivers, operators, human players, drive coaches, technicians, etc., so that all students that come to the event get time on the field. That way they can apply their experience to the development of next year's challenge.
The Flying Toasters will be competing at:
IRI, July 12 to 14, Indianapolis, IN
Washtenaw, Aug 3rd, Ypsilanti High 
Advanced Manufacturing expo, Aug 20th, Novi
Kettering University, Sept 20 to 21st, Flint
Bloomfield Girls, Oct 12th, Bloomfield Hills, Mi.
Back to the event at Monroe, or MARC, Michigan Advanced Robotics Competition. When it came time for play selection, both teams did very well, 3641 was alliance capitals for the 2nd alliance, and team 9991 was first pick for the 8th Alliance. 
Team 9991 fell in the quarter finals, but 3641 breezed through semis to battle the 1st Alliance made up of two robots from team 33, Notre Dame Prep. Winning the first match, team 3641 looked like they were going the distance, but a breakdown on the second match by their alliance partners had a loss 88 to 83, and in the third and final match, team 33 pulled ahead and the Toasters fell to become Finalists, winning a trophy and keeping their very successful streak.
Throughout the summer and fall Team 3641will be working on developing a d honing skills as they prepare for the next FIRST FRC season which begins January 4th, 2020.