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M-STEP 2018 Results

Summative assessments like the M-STEP provide information for our district about how well we are providing instruction and services to students in relation to other districts in our state.

Historically, South Lyon Community Schools have scored high in relation to both Oakland County and the State of Michigan.  We remain one of the top performing districts in Oakland County and the State of Michigan.

On all 15 assessments, South Lyon is well above the State of Michigan average and in the top half or higher as compared to Oakland County districts.

Instructional staff and administration will be using individual student scores to target interventions for students along with using school and district level scores to continue to make improvement in our overall programs.

Individual student M-STEP reports have not yet been received by the schools from the Michigan Department of Education.  When these reports are received, copies will be shared out with families.  This typically occurs in mid-September. 

The data is one piece of information about your child’s progress and we use many pieces of data to make instructional decisions.  Proficiency levels change over time and this is only a “snapshot” of where your student was on the day(s) of testing last spring.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s proficiency levels, please contact your school principal or your student’s teacher.