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Official World Release of FIRST video filmed at SLEHS and SLHS

I am very proud to announce the release to over 15,000 teams, and reaching over a million of students, mentors, volunteers,  and sponsors world wide:
A chance of a lifetime. On June 9th & 10th, a professional production came to SLEHS along with a representative from FIRST headquarters to work with the high school robotics team, The Flying Toasters, 3641, to film the scenes for this video.  To protect our students, professional actors with experience were used for the main characters, but the extras were supplies by our team.  
You can find the video on FIRST's Website:
Over the two days and nearly 24 hours of production, our students got the experience of a lifetime as they not only worked as extras, but as supporting crew, operated the robot behind the camera, taught the actors about robotics, and provided technical advice. In turn the production crew embraced our team as they "showed them the ropes", such as lighting, camera angles, staging, composition, etc.  Everyone went away knowing more, a tribute to the willingness to exchange talent. 
If you look closely, you can find "Easter Eggs".  I counted 72. Can you find more? 
Watching the final video, our team was so taken with how they captured our team's approach on FIRST, students, mentors, as well as our team dynamics. Moreover, in my opinion, its also showed the heart of South Lyon Community Schools. "There is Something for Everyone." Robotics is just a vehicle, it's building students what the Flying Toasters and SLCS is all about.
Our Website:
Student can join the Flying Toasters for the 2018-2019 season thru October 1st.  We meet MondayWednesday, and some Thursdays, and yes, even during the summer. We also make accommodations for students in sports or other clubs; we are currently cheering on our band students to victory this fall!
We are working on a press release to send out to the local newspapers. Stay tuned.  
A big thank you to all at South Lyon Community Schools. Without all the support and hard work of the staff here at SLCS, experiences and opportunities like this would not be possible. Your the best!
Ron Weber