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MDE Releases Michigan School Index Values

This week, the Michigan Department of Education released the Michigan School Index System.

One purpose of the index system is to help schools identify strengths and areas for continued growth.

All of our school staff groups are currently analyzing their index factors and having discussions about appropriate next steps.  

Several factors contribute to the overall index value of each school:

  • Student growth
  • Student proficiency
  • School quality/student success
  • Graduation rate (applies to high schools only)
  • English Learner progress
  • Assessment participation

The state has determined proficiency targets for both English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics.  These are the levels of percent proficiency that the state expects from all schools by the school year 2024-25. 

In the area of “all students” for proficiency in ELA and Mathematics, nearly all of our schools have already met the state’s 2024-25 ELA and Mathematics proficiency targets. 

In addition, both of our high schools met or exceed state targets for Advanced Coursework (AP course and dual enrollment) and Post-Secondary Enrollment.

As we head into the spring testing season, it is important to note that student participation in state tests is a critical factor in calculating all School Index values. Please continue to support the district and your child’s school by having your child participate in the state assessments.

More information about the system can be found using the link below.