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Michigan Department of Education's new data dashboards

MDE DataInformation about the new data dashboards
The Michigan Department of Education’s (MDE’s) new data dashboards can be an additional resource for families about how their local schools are performing in relation to state averages and to the averages of similar schools.  

The MDE is releasing their updated dashboard in several phases. 

Here is some important information about the data released in Phase One:

  • In all metrics, at all schools for which each metric was calculated, we are above the state averages.
  • Each metric shows three bars: a green bar for your school, a red bar for similar, or peer group, schools, as identified by the MDE, and an orange bar for the state averages.  There is no significance to the color of the bar other than to differentiate the reporting entity.
  • The peer group calculations look at schools with most similar demographics to the school that is being viewed.

Four characteristics are used to determine which schools are used as a peer group:

  • Number of students enrolled in the schools
  • Student-teacher ratio
  • Percentage of students receiving free/reduced lunch
  • School’s location setting (urban, suburban, rural)

Once that group of up to 30 schools is determined by the MDE, an average of all schools in the group is calculated for the peer rates included in the dashboard.

The list of specific schools is not provided on the site; only the average. Our district does not know the list of schools used to calculate the peer average for each of our schools.

Because of the criteria mentioned, the peer average could very well vary from school to school within the district.

  • In nearly all cases, we are close to or above the peer group comparisons.
  • The progress of our English Learners is considerably above both the state and peer group comparisons in nearly all cases.
  • There is no longer a district level data set; all dashboards are at a school level.
  • Some factors are only applicable to certain schools.  Examples of this include graduation rate, advanced coursework and post-secondary enrollment being calculated only for high schools.  Another example is English Learner progress, which is calculated only for our schools where 10 or more students identified as English Learners took a state assessment. 
  • Advanced coursework rates were calculated using only 11th and 12th graders enrolled in advanced courses.  We do have some 10th graders who take AP courses as well.  They were not included in this metric.
  • Pearson Elementary School opened this fall and no students have taken state assessments there yet.  As a result, Pearson’s dashboard shows only the state averages at this time.  As time progresses, Pearson’s dashboard will populate with additional information.