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ORS Supreme Court Ruling Regarding 3% Contribution Refunds

Inactive or retired employees 3% ORS refund check will be mailed on Friday, March 30th.

Before break the Supreme Court ruled on the 3% contribution to the Retiree Healthcare Fund and found it unconstitutional.  Below is the statement that we received from ORS:
The Supreme Court ruled that PA 75 of 2010, which was in effect from July 2010 until September of 2012 and mandated that members contribute 3% of their compensation to the Retiree Healthcare Fund, is unconstitutional and that member contributions (which are currently being held in escrow) shall be refunded to members. ORS is working to implement the Supreme Court's decision and return the contributions to the school districts where the contributions were withheld.  These refunds will be issued to members through the school districts.  Additional information will be provided to members and school districts regarding the timing and amounts of forthcoming refunds as soon as it becomes available.
ORS has updated the website and published a FAQ document.,4653,7-206-36609-456119--,00.html
Currently, all the involved parties are working with many groups including ORS, audit firms, legal firms, MSBO, DTMB/Treasury, OCSBO discussing how this refund will look for employees and former employees.  Once we have more information about how and exactly when this payment will be made we will update the website.
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