All SLCS employees are required to change their Employee Online password.

Effective May 18, 2016, the Employee Online portal is now reopened to allow offsite access

  • Click on ‘Employee’ in the upper right hand corner.
  • Click on ‘Payroll’ in the middle of screen.
  • Enter your five digit Employee ID in the ‘User’ box.
  • In order to create/change your password, click on ‘Forgot Login’ which will take you to the next screen with another box called ‘User ID’.
  • Enter your Employee ID again and click on the ‘email’ icon to the right of the box.  This will create a temporary password. 
  •  Exit out of EO and click onto the Email icon from the SLCS website to access your personal district G-mail account.
  • You will receive an email from workflowsl@sccresa.org regarding your Updated EO Password. This email will provide your temporary password and instructions on creating your new password.
  • Start the EO login process over using the information from the email. 
  •  Follow the prompts to change your password.  

You will be at the Message Page when you are logged in.  This is where you will see important information about Employee Online, including contact information.  The navigation menu will be to the left.  In order to see your pay stub, you will need to click on ‘Check Stub’ under ‘Pay Check’ on the menu.  Select the pay check you want to view from the list of dates.  You may need to click the ‘View Record’ tab by scrolling to the bottom of the screen. 

If you need assistance with Employee Online, contact Arlene Haeussler-Seffernick at 248.573.8122, internal ext. 8122, or at seffernicka@slcs.us. 

 If you need assistance with your SLCS G-mail account, contact Cheryl Harrison at extension 8915.

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