Letter From the Director of Special Education and the Special Education Coordinator...

The South Lyon Community School District is very proud of the special education programs and services provided to students. Our district supports the needs of children from birth through age twenty-six with the belief that our role is to provide our students with the highest quality of education while supporting and collaborating with all families.
Our early childhood team of experts collaborates with families to create child centered plans which fit the needs and desires of each individual family.  As our youngest children become pre-school age, their individual needs begin to change.  South Lyon Early Childhood Center is the place where classroom experiences may combine with services delivered at child’s natural environment.  Our team supports each child individually with a range of programs and services.  By the time the kindergarten classes begin, a plan will have been developed through an educational team which includes the family.  This team centered approach mandates the collaboration between the family, general education, and special education team members to ensure that high expectations are held for all students.  “All students” means all students and high expectations ensure that we are continually pressing forward toward the student being as close to typically developing peers as possible.
The directions that individuals embark upon are endless.  Many students who have received special education programs and services graduate with a diploma.  Some have obtained their diploma after four years of high school, others may need more than four years.  Other students have planned to earn a certificate of completion. 
After the high school years, other transitions continue to occur. For students who have earned either a diploma or certificate of completion, college might be personal goal.  In such cases, our teachers, counselors, transition coordinator and ancillary staff are prepared to assist.  Should an individual need more support, our district provides a post-high program which is maintained within our district.  Our post-high students work on skills which are targeted to teach independence and job skills.  Many local businesses have supported our adult students by providing work-sites.  Through these opportunities students are able to showcase their abilities to be productive, creative and contributing citizens.  We are grateful to these local businesses for their support of the program
Over the past years, the district support for serving our students with special needs has increased.  Not only have programs been increased to support a variety of learners, but also the number of service providers and teachers.  This increase, in part, is due to the growing numbers of families who come to the district to raise their families in a caring and supportive community. We have increased special education teaching staff, para-educators and ancillary staff at all levels from the Early Childhood Center to the Elementary and Secondary levels.  Our overall costs have increased by approximately 1.3 million dollars from 2011-2012 school year to the current school year.

~ Susan Toth, Director of Special Education
~ Amy Atwell, Special Education Coordinator



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